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EMAV audio solutions allows high quality sound capturing in different formats end with different gadgets. EMAV portfolio includes microphones, mixing tables and a range of mic emitters and recording stations. To guarantee communications between crew members we are equipped with the best intercommunications systems. And to provide synchronism between sound and image we have a range of Time Code generators and digital clapboards



We have a wide range of microphones at you disposal, with special attention to capture dialogue for drama contents. We have several Sennheiser models (MKH-416, MKH-816, MKH-50, MKH-60 e MKH-70), Schoeps (CMIT-5U e CMC-6 with capsule MK-41) and Sanken (CUB-01 e COS-11). In the RF condenser line we have the Rode NTG-3 which we use to capture ambiance sound.

We also have several mics to capture musical sound from AKG (C-401, C-402, C-408, C-409, CK-77, CK-91, CK-97, etc.) as well as voice capture, from AKG, Shure and Electro-Voice.

Specifically for ambiance sound we also have double sets M/S from Schoeps and surround solutions from DPA.


Audio Mixers



From Sonosax we have two audio mixers models: the SX-S and the SX-ST; both extremely compact, portable (can be battery charged)), robust and with Penny and Giles faders. 

SX-S models is a mixer with 6 inputs, 1 auxiliary and stereo output. Besides that, the main module of four channels, for 4 track recorders, allows 4 more output and 4 tape return input maintaining the ability to mix normal stereo..

SX-ST model is a 8 input, 8 main busses, 4 auxiliary output, 4 AES/EBU output, one stereo output and a complete monitoring section with 5 LED-meters and a complete communications system with 2 private lines.

There is also the possibility to incorporate an internal 8 channel recorder in the SX-ST mixer which allows disc recording or CF cards recording. The recorder works together with the converser’s 8 A/D channels converser and can record 8 tracks on the disc, plus two on the CF card.  CF card can also be configured as a mirror for the internal disc.


Sound Devices

Smaller than the Sonosax mixers and without faders, which makes them an interesting solution when portability is the issue. We have two models to offer: the 302 and the Mix-Pre. 

302 is an extremely compact mixer with 3 mic input, maintaining the same circuit quality than the bigger mixers.

Mix-Pre is smaller and has only 2 mic inputs, maintaining the quality of bigger models. It only needs two AA batteries to operate.




Microphone emitters

We have a wide range of mic emitters, divided in three categories: pocket emitters, hand emitters and plug on emitters. In both categories we can offer  Audio Ltd., Lectrosonics, Sennheiser and Sony equipment . The receivers can be portable or rack mounted, with several kinds of antennas, having in minds the coverage intended, all working with diversity. We can provide Lectrosonics or Sennheiser receivers that can be mounted on a camcorders broadcast slot.


In line emitters


These emitters are mainly used to IFB circuits and we work with Lectrosonics, Sennheiser and Comtek ones. The receivers come with headsets or different types of in-ear, for you to choose.


Audio recorders



Aaton solution, more than a recorder is a mixer with incorporated recording, even more when used with Cantarem accessory, that has 8 remote control faders.

The operator has permanent access to 9 rotated potentiometers and 6 linear faders to do the mixing, which allows him to easily control the main operations of this recorder. 

The recorder has 9 analog inputs, 5 of each for mic, and 8 digital AES/EBU inputs. It has 2 symmetric analog outputs in XLR-5 and 8 AES/EBU digital outputs. The inputs can be recorded on internal disc or in a FireWire external disc on the 8 available tracks. The 8 tracks can record 6 tracks controlled by the faders plus 2 tracks that can receive the mixing or 2 direct inputs.


Sound Devices

We work with 744T model. 744T is a digital file based recorder, very portable with 4 tracks and time code. The recorder has 2 mic inputs with pre-amplifiers, 2 analog line inputs and 2 AES/EBU non balanced inputs. The inputs can be assigned to the available tracks in 256 possible combinations. The recorder has 2 digital outputs, 2 analog outputs and 1 headset output. Recording is done in an internal disc or CF card.




Sonosax recorder is mounted in a SX-ST mixer and cannot work independently. It’s a 8 channels recorder that allows recordings on an internal disc and CF card. The recorder works with the 8 channels A/D condenser of the mixer and can record 8 tracks on internal disc, plus two on the CF card. CF card can also be configured as a mirror of the internal disc..


Time Code

Using Ambient Recording gear, qe can manage time code to be generated and recorded. Lockit equipment became an industry standard and are used mainly where time code and synchronism are critical. Based in a very precise crystal oscillator and with temperature changes compensator (TCVCXO) these systems can be calibrated on the field to obtain deviations lower than +/- 0,1ppm. 

We also have electronic clapboards and Lockit and Tiny Lockit portable generators for a perfect synchronization of all the filming crew equipment.




Cable intercom

We operate from the simpler systems of 2W (ASL e Altair) with a base and several beltpacks, to more complex ones with 4W intercom matrixes, doors for intercom panels several kinds of Riedel, Clearcom and Trilogy panels. We also have conversers 2W – 4W to allow mixing both systems.


Rádio intercom

We work with portable radios (walkie-talkies) and with full-duplex systems using intercom bases and belpacks.

We can provide PMR-446 radios without the need of a users’ license but less potent or up to 5W radios, for which we have attributed frequencies to operate.

Full-duplex systems have all the advantages of such kind of system but a smaller range and are limited to a 4 beltpacks maximum for base. We have Telex, Clearcom and HME gear. Telex and Clearcom gear work in UHF and HME use higher frequencies, at 2,4 GHz band. In this case, instead of the traditional beltpacks we have the emitter/receiver installed on the headsets, which makes them more portable.