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EMAV has lighting solutions for all the situations. From projectors of different technologies, to modern lighting solutions and lighting mixers, we cover a range of options that provide services to all the activities of the company, from drama, to entertainment. Following the needs of our clients we also have lighting kits which allow a surplus in portability for the production and directing crews.




EMAV’s range of projectors covers all technologies existent in the market which allows to be prepared to any kind of lighting work in television.

– Fresnel Incandescence

– Openface Incandescence

– Fresnel HMI

– Cinepar HMI

– Fluorescent


– Minibruto

– Ciclorama

– Follow Spot


– Trimming

– Flash

We also have a wide range of accessories to work with the different kinds of projectors, from tripods, different type of fixation, reflectors, diffusion panels, etc.

We also can provide vans equipped for lighting with all the equipment needed for an outdoors production.



In this range we have Fresnel projectors from 300W, 650W, 1.000W, 2.000W, 5.000W and 10.000W, Cyclorama projectors from 1.250W, 2×1.250W and 4×1.250W, Quartzo projectors from 500W, 650W, 800W and 2.000W, Openface projectors from 1.250W, 2.500W e 5.000W and Spacelight projectors from 6.000W.

Using this kind of bulb we have Airstar balloons of different sizes and powers: Crystal 130 from 1.000W, Gala 160 from 2.000W and Lunix 200 from 2.000W to 4.000W.



With HMI technology we have projectors of four different kinds: Fresnel with powers from 575W, 1.200W, 2.500W, 4.000W to 6.000W; Cinepar with it’s lens set and powers from 4.000W, 6.000W to 12.000W; Soft FX from 2.500W/4.000W and follow spot 2.500W.



With LED technology we have portable projectors whether to be mounted on top of a camera whether to be used in smaller spaces, like in the kits.

We have Litepad from Rosco. Litepanels 1×1 projectors, ideal to use outdoors because they are easily mounted, low weight and can be battery charged.



With fluorescence technology we have: Kino Flo, Filmgear and Movie Tech projectors. We work with projectors of 1, 2, 4 or 8 bulbs of 0,60m or 1,20m. 8 bulbs projectors of 1,20m from Kino Flo and 4 bulbs of 0,60m from Movie Tech can be controlled by DMX.



For photography we use flash lighting kits from Visatec and Bowens with accessories to shot with different cameras.



To provide a more easy transportation, specially in outdoors productions, we offer lighting kits with all the accessories packed in a suitcase, with different projectors technologies. With tungsten bulbs we have the traditional 800W kits in a rigid suitcase , 3 Quartzo 800W projectors with it’s tripods and Dedolight 100W projectors, in which each suitcase  packs 4 projectors, weights and tripods. With HMI we pack Arri Pocket Par 125W, 200W and 400W projectors and Joker Bug 200W and 400W projectors. From Litepanels we pack kits with 3 LED Astra Bi-Color 1×1 projectors with tripod and batteries adaptors.


Light mixers and Dimmers

To control projectors through DMX we have lighting mixers of 12 to 512 channels from: ADB, Arri, Botex, Compulite, ETC, Eurolite and Strand; and individual dimmers from 2.500W and 5.000W or dimmers racks from 16A and 32A.



We have all kinds of lighting accessories, from fixation, tripods, light beam control such as screens, banners, chimeras, etc.